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Sculptures (Sacred Arts)
A beautiful, unique and important component of the Vedic tradition is the deities which remind one of the peak of human potential and through which one sees the ultimate Divine. The Nithyananda Mission through traditional skilled artisans makes the deities as sculptures in stone, wood, metal, etc, as per the agama shastra or science of sculpting.
Huge deities over 10 feet are made for temples under the direct guidance of ParamahamsaNithyananda as well as smaller deities for personal worship.
Throughout history the science of temples was in the hands of a group of artisans, craftsmen and masters of sacred Indian art and architecture, the sthapatis, who have handed down the sacred tradition of temple construction and sacred sculpture for thousands of years. Sthapathis are experts in temple architecture and idol creation. They belong to the unique tradition of the Vishwakarma community and claim descent from the celestial architect Vishwakarma.
The perfection achieved in temple construction parallels an astonishing degree of precision in measurements.
These deities are made by traditional artisans (of the dying art) and sent all over the world thereby keeping the tradition alive and spreading this throughout the world.
Support this rare and rich art of Sacred Arts by purchasing a deity for your temple or house.
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