Enlightened Masters have created beautiful temples that act as a battery, temples in which they can store their energy, in which their energy can stay and radiate and help millions of people for thousands of years. These temples are created just to hold enormous energies.
The powerful positive vibrations present in a temple can flush out negative energies. Without even being aware of it, deep cleansing, re-charging and ultimately purifying of the being can happen effortlessly in a temple, resulting in physical and mental healing.
The entire art of building temples is not a mere art, it is a science; temple architecture is a highly developed science. Every single facet of it, from the size of the idols and the size of the rooms and courtyards, the directions in which each has to be situated, to the process of installing the idol in the sanctum, all these are laid down in detail in manuals that were developed thousands of years ago.
Temples are an integral part of the Vedic tradition. Nithyananda Mission has established scores of Vedic temples in USA, Canada, India, South East Asia, and various other geographies.
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