Sannyas training

Sannyas training
Sannyas is the age-old, beautiful component in the Vedic tradition of taking the lifetime responsibility to enrich oneself and the world.A sannyasithus leads humanity to the peak of human potential in all dimensions – positivity, possibility, leadership and enlightenment.
A sannyasi of the Nithyananda order takes the responsibility to being an enlightened consciousness serving the whole world through Sanatana Dharma and dedicates his whole life for this highest cause. Sanatana dharma is the most ancient philosophy and living lifestyle based on the ultimate truth of advaita or non-duality. He or she takes the vows of satya (truth), ahimsa (non-violence), asteya (non-stealing), aparigraha (living with minimal possessions) and brahmacharya (celibacy in thought, word and deed).
A sannyasi lives the highest Truths of life and radiates and spreads life solutions based on these Ultimate Truths, thus directly enriching the lives of one and all and causing peace and prosperity in the world. He also provides services to society as he is committed to a life of living for others and causing others’ reality.
Sannyas training in the Nithyananda order is offered as two options:
  • 3-month sannyas training program for the students who have completed the Inner Awakening program
  • 1-year training program for people who have not done the Inner Awakening program, so that the Truths revealed can be experienced first-hand in reality.
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"The purpose of life is to constantly enrich oneself and others, to cause others' reality, to experience the ultimate Truth of advaita (non-dual consciousness) that everyone and everything is a part of you!"