Social Services

Free food – for one and all. Average of 1000 people coming to ashram
Counseling for social problems and life solutions
Micro-financing – for the farmers from low income background. Reached out so far to 1500+ people
Goshala – unit to take care of cows, revered as sacred and godly
From time immemorial, in India, the Vedic tradition has encouraged an Agrarian based civilization. Cows have always played a pivotal role in the Vedic Agrarian society. The Cow is revered as the most sacred animal to Hindus, a fact that is evidenced by the dedication of several hymns and rituals, reverentially addressing it as ‘GOMATHA’ (divine mother cow) in all the sacred scriptures including Vedas and Puranas.
‘Gomatha’ is a symbolic representation of 33 crore Gods who are said to hold positions in various parts of a cow’s body. As a representation of the divine, all auspicious ceremonies and rituals involve the Cow and its produce. Everything from, milk, butter, ghee, curd, cheese, even the cow’s dung and urine are considered very sacred in Hindu Vedic tradition.
From the Vedic period to this day, gifting or donating cows to deserving persons, was considered a very sacred act and a way to wash away all the sins , karmas and samskaras, incompletions of the past births and present births. Traditionally, cows are offered to Temples and Ashrams of Sadhgurus to redeem people of their karmas. When you gift a Cow to the NithyanandaGoshala (Dairy) Project,(currently in Bidadi, Salem, Thiruvannamalai and Rajapalayam) you are offering the cow to the cause of the Mission of an Avatarapurusha, an Incarnation & Enlightened Master – the very embodiment of the Cosmos, the Creator who will wipe away all the karmas ,incompletions of the present and the past. Besides that, these divine animals are very close to the heart of our beloved Swamiji.
TheGoshalais a Dairy Project aimed at making the Nithyanandaashram self sufficient with its milk production, to meet the food donation and ritualistic needs of the Ashram and the Vedic Temple. Therefore, the cow you donate will directly contribute to an auspicious purpose.
Sponsor a cow: $1008
Goshala maintenance: $1008
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